Discuss the four-digit e-sketch of direction change

Use of the regulation of the movement of trains at single-handed areas by a single-bilateral bilateral movement, with a four-way switching scheme for direction change.

Single track avtoblokirebisas, gadasarben elected movements within the previous output signal is sent to the state of the station, and in the opposite direction of the exit traffic light key is required to change the direction of the train, as it is excluded from the adjacent train stations message counter into th shift is under way. The main condition of this system is that one station is “receiving” and the second is “send”.

The one-year bilateral movement in the Tbilisi Metropolitan is used by a four-way switching scheme to change direction. “Delisi” – station. “Vazha Pshavela” to cross over “Guramishvili” – Depot “Gldani” connecting lines.

Consider the principle of working four quarters of the change direction. “Delisi” – station. “Vazha Pshavela”, on the example of working on the scheme. Station From Delisi The direction of movement of the train to “Vazha-Pshavela” has been termed “odd” direction and station. The devices involved in the “Vazha Pshavela” relay in the e-mail are the letters “Н” (нечетный) and the station. From Vazha Pshavela station The direction of the train to “Delisi” is to be named “pair” direction and station. The devices involved in the “Delisi” relay, which are included in the e-mail, have a letter “Ч” (четный).

The scheme uses the following types of relays and devices: КШ1-280 type refractory direction НСН, ЧСН relays; НМШ1-1800 type helperNV, ЧВ relays; N1SMP, Ч1зП Releases for detection of NMISSM4-100 / 1100 Type Delivery; НМШ1-7000 type detection detection Н2зП, Ч2зП relays; NVS4-600 Type Direction Assistant, НВСН, ЧВСН Releases; НМП2-4000 type control detection control НзП, ЧзП relays; NMTT-18000 type control over full fluid controller NPKP, ЧПКП relays; НМШМ2-15000 Type Assistant Controller NVKP, ЧВКП Releases; Repeat NPN, NPN1, НСНП, НСНП1, ЧПН, ЧПН1, ЧСНП, ЧСНП1 replication; НПВ, ЧПВ Releases: НМШ2-4000 type train receivers НОВ, ЧОВ relays; DKKP and VGK relays of the controlling group NM11-1800; НМШТ-18000 and НМШ1-18000 type exterior ЧИ and НИ Releases. The PPC-3 semiconductor transformer is used for feeding and changing control circuits. In short, the “lamp lamp” with a watt of 220 watts is included between the converter and the load, for the purpose of controlling and blocking the electrical contracts. At the power of a small power, the lamp threads do not rotate and its resistance is small. When the strength of power increases, the throat is stretched and its resistance increases. The ППШ-3 converter can be used both as a transmitter and a converter and is suitable for a 12-vol voltage variable or permanent power network. In the given e-mail, the ППШ-3 type managers receive the SOBS-2А type of ЧСТ and NST from the lowest transformer (Figure 2).

There are two independent wiring modules in the four-way diagram change: one of which is used to activate the control over the situation (the fluid and detention) control devices, and the second, to change the direction of traffic movement and the rectification relays (in case we do not have the scaled relays).